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Uriah Heep – Living The Dream

From on Living The Dream:

As we’re fond of saying, age is just a number. Next year, iconic UK rock legend Uriah Heep will celebrate their 50th year in existence. You read that right. Wow. Which also makes founding and the only original member guitarist Mick Box 72 years old this coming June. So what did Box and Heep do? Drop their 25th studio album and embark on a worldwide tour that will continue through 2019. Who says you’re too old to rock n roll?

Living The Dream is rather typical 21st century Uriah Heep: melodic hard rock, with some prog twists, powered by the duet and interplay of guitar and synths (read: Hammond, notably), and then dropped into an accessible AOR package. Expanding on that description some more, Heep delivers classic rock bristling with riffs, abundant melody, and potent groove. The prog nuances come with the typical tempo changes and transitions, but also segues where instrumental play becomes more expansive. Perhaps the best example is Rocks In The Road where, close to the midpoint, Uriah Heep turns loose the bass, organ, and drums for a stirring movement that builds with steady excitement.

That song is also a classic example of the aforementioned interplay between Box’s guitar and Phil Lanzon’s old school Hammond. This combination is both historic and significant to the Heep sound, found in their early work and continues to this day. You’ll hear this pleasing engagement in most every song, but notably with Grazed By Heaven, Falling Under Your Spell, or Dreams Of Yesteryear. Finally, as for that AOR wrapper, Uriah Heep is quick to hook you with engaging melodies, sweet vocal harmony, and simply memorable refrains. In other words, it’s all good.

With 50 years of experience, Uriah Heep still has their groove on, creating masterful and entertaining classic melodic hard rock. Grab the album and catch them on tour (before half the band keels over from old age; just kidding guys). You won’t be disappointed. Recommended.

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