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Amazon Echo/Alexa Can Stream Choice Classic Rock

Amazon EchoAre you an Amazon Echo/Alexa user? Do you use Echo and the Alexa voice recognition to stream music in your house? Then you can stream Choice Classic Rock over your Echo device. Since Choice Classic Rock is on TuneIn radio and you can access TuneIn radio from your Echo/Alexa device – you can start streaming us with a voice command.

However, you have to use the correct syntax to start the stream – or Alexa will think you are looking for a Classic Rock genre that doesn’t exist. Here is the WRONG way to do it (which unfortunately, is how the Echo/Alexa instructions tell you to do it): “Alexa, stream Choice Classic Rock on TuneIn.This will not work

Instead, use the following voice command: “Alexa, stream the station Choice Classic Rock on TuneIn.Alexa needs to hear the word “station” before “Choice Classic Rock” to know this is the station you want. State the command using this syntax and it will start the stream and you will be happily listening to the best classic rock in the world!

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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Stream Is Back Up – But We Are No Longer Available via iTunes

After being moved to a different server by my music stream provider – the radio stream is back up – but we are no longer available via iTunes.

However, the address for the Choice Classic Rock stream had to be changed. This resulted in some of the third party web sites having the wrong streaming address – which no longer play anything. I am in the process of updating all the radio station directories on the internet with the new streaming address – but this is a long painstaking process.

Even worse – I contacted iTunes and informed them of the change in the music stream server address – but received an email saying that they were “no longer adding or modifying Internet stations” in the iTunes app. So if you are used to listening to us through iTunes on the Internet Radio preset that was there – it will no longer work. There is no money in it for iTunes I suppose – so they have stopped support for internet radio stations in the iTunes app.

My apologies to anyone who listened through iTunes (I know there were a lot of you) – but these circumstances are beyond my control. However, having said that – you can manually type the music stream address into iTunes and listen to the station by following these steps:

  1. Start the iTunes app.
  2. Go to the File menu and select Open stream.
  3. Type (or copy and paste) the following:  into the URL field.
  4. Click the OK button.

Thanks for your continued support.

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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Disconnected! Move To A New Server Just Happened

Unfortunately, my service provider had to move me to a new server – which resulted in the loss of the Choice Classic Rock stream for a bit. As you can now see – the stream is back up on the web site, but it will take a little time for the new address to propagate throughout the Internet to all the secondary sites like TuneIn radio and iTunes. It should be working everywhere within the next few days. Thanks for your patience as we make this move (which will ultimately result in a better listener experience with less stream drop outs).

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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Happy Classic Rockin’ New Year

Just wanted to drop a note and wish everyone a very Happy Classic Rockin’ New Year! As I’m sure you have noticed – the Choice Classic Rock stream has been suffering some server issues for the past couple of weeks. These originated with my server service provider – but have been mostly fixed by now. We should be streaming from all the links you can find on the internet. If not – please let me know so I can have it fixed up!

The one outstanding issue we are still experiencing is the Artist and Song Title information are not being streamed out. We are in discussions to fix this and it will hopefully be rectified soon!

This is a quiet time of year for new releases – so there will probably be a slowdown in the new music being rotated through the playlist. So if anyone has any ideas about anything they’d like to hear for the next month or so – please leave a comment and let me know!

Again – Happy Classic Rockin’ New Year – and thanks for listening …

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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Server Issues

Our apologies – but due to issues beyond our control, we have been experiencing server issues with our stream for the past week. These issues are slowly being fixed and the stream will work when you tune into our web site. However, 3rd party sites (like iTunes and TuneIn radio) will take about a week until they catch up. Again – our sincere apologies for this interruption to your Classic Rock listening!

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New Neil Young Tracks Added

Neil Young - Peace Trail
Neil Young – Peace Trail

I have just added 2 new tracks into high rotation from the latest release from Neil Young. The album is called Peace Trail, and its content tackles the controversial topics of today – including The Dakota Access Pipeline and corporate greed. With a more stripped-down acoustic sound featuring bassist Paul Bushnell and drummer Jim Keltner it is a worthy listen from a man in his sixth decade or producing music. Listen for the tracks Indian Givers and Peace Trail.

On another note – there may be intermittent interruptions in the Choice Classic Rock streaming service for the next little while. The company I have contracted with that provide this service is battling an overload on their servers. This is restricting the information that usually flows with each track (the Artist and Song Title) – and may result in a the odd drop-out of the stream. Please know that I have made them aware of this and they are doing all they can to correct the issue.

Thanks for listening – and here’s to a great Classic Rockin’ 2017!

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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New From Young, Simon, Hornsby and Beck

Neil Young – Earth
Neil Young – Earth

Young, Simon, Hornsby and Beck is not the name of a law firm! I have just added into high rotation new tracks from Neil Young‘s new album Earth, Paul Simon‘s new release Stranger To Stranger, Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers new album Rehab Reunion and the single from Jeff Beck‘s upcoming release which will be called Loud Hailer. The Jeff Beck track is called Live In the Dark. You can watch the video for it by clicking here.

In other news – I have redone the web site and it now features a player on the right side of the screen. This player should work in mobile devices as well as a computer – so you can listen to Choice Classic Rock anywhere you go! Let me know your thoughts about the new look in the comments section.

Choice Classic Rock – Classic Rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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