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Amazon Echo/Alexa Can Stream Choice Classic Rock

Amazon EchoAre you an Amazon Echo/Alexa user? Do you use Echo and the Alexa voice recognition to stream music in your house? Then you can stream Choice Classic Rock over your Echo device. Since Choice Classic Rock is on TuneIn radio and you can access TuneIn radio from your Echo/Alexa device – you can start streaming us with a voice command.

However, you have to use the correct syntax to start the stream – or Alexa will think you are looking for a Classic Rock genre that doesn’t exist. Here is the WRONG way to do it (which unfortunately, is how the Echo/Alexa instructions tell you to do it): “Alexa, stream Choice Classic Rock on TuneIn.This will not work

Instead, use the following voice command: “Alexa, stream the station Choice Classic Rock on TuneIn.Alexa needs to hear the word “station” before “Choice Classic Rock” to know this is the station you want. State the command using this syntax and it will start the stream and you will be happily listening to the best classic rock in the world!

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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