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New Ray Davies, Tommy Shaw, Paul Rodgers and More!

Paul Rodgers - Free Spirit
Paul Rodgers – Free Spirit

I have just added 11 new tracks into high rotation from the following newly released classic rock albums:

Tommy Shaw – Sing For The Day! … The Styx guitar player singer is joined by the Contemporary Youth Orchestra for a live re-visit of his catalogue of solo and Styx material. Listen for an orchestra-assisted reworking of the Styx song Renegade. Read the review here.

Sharks – Ready Set Go … This little-known band has been around a long time and features the well-respected excellent guitar player Chris Spedding. Listen for the song Who Chaser. Read the review here.

Ray Davies – Our Country: Americana Act II … As a founder member of The Kinks, Ray Davies has a real knack for song writing. The album is a follow up to his last album (which was just called Americana). Listen for the tracks Back In the Day, The Getaway and March Of the Zombies. Read the review here.

Paul Rodgers – Free Spirit … The former Bad Company singer celebrates the 50th anniversary of his band prior to Bad CompanyFree – by releasing this live recording from last year. He covers most of the well-known Free songs. Listen for the track Wishing Well. Read the review here.

The Alarm – Equals … This is the first Alarm album in 8 years, and finds them teaming up with the Cult‘s Billy Duffy. Listen for the songs Two Rivers and Beautiful. Read the review here.

Chicago – Chicago II: Live on Soundstage … This album finds the band performing their (arguably) most popular album (Chicago II) in it’s entirety, in a live setting on Soundstage. Listen for a scorching live version of the song 25 Or 6 To 4. Read the review here.

David Clayton-Thomas – Mobius … The former vocalist for Blood, Sweat & Tears latest album goes in several different directions but it a great all round album.  Listen for the songs It’s All About the Money and Back To the 60’s. Read the review here.

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