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Found! A New Cactus Release

Cactus - Black Dawn
Cactus – Black Dawn

It’s been very quiet on the new classic rock release front – so I have been programming the music playlist and waiting for some new classic rock releases to drop.

Lo and behold – I was browsing around last week and found a classic rock release that came out this past September from the early 70s band Cactus. Cactus recorded and released 4 albums in the short 2 years they were together – and with the hard rock sound they had were sometimes called the “American Led Zeppelin”.

Their latest album is called Black Dawn and features two of the founding members (Carmine Appice and Jim McCarty). Listen for the track Dynamite!

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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Happy Classic Rockin’ New Year

Just wanted to drop a note and wish everyone a very Happy Classic Rockin’ New Year! As I’m sure you have noticed – the Choice Classic Rock stream has been suffering some server issues for the past couple of weeks. These originated with my server service provider – but have been mostly fixed by now. We should be streaming from all the links you can find on the internet. If not – please let me know so I can have it fixed up!

The one outstanding issue we are still experiencing is the Artist and Song Title information are not being streamed out. We are in discussions to fix this and it will hopefully be rectified soon!

This is a quiet time of year for new releases – so there will probably be a slowdown in the new music being rotated through the playlist. So if anyone has any ideas about anything they’d like to hear for the next month or so – please leave a comment and let me know!

Again – Happy Classic Rockin’ New Year – and thanks for listening …

Choice Classic Rock – classic rock like you’ve never heard it before!

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